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Final Papers (ORAL/POSTER)

Dear Authors,

If you have already submitted papers at previous RADECS conferences, you are used to the fact that final papers are due on the Friday before the Conference. This complete version of your paper (not more than 8 pages long) was then considered for publication in one or two ways:

  • The Conference Proceedings, available in IEEE Xplore, aims at publishing all papers accepted for presentation at RADECS 2015, following a basic review for correctness.
  • You may also optionally submit your final paper for consideration for inclusion in the RADECS 2015 Special issue of IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS).

In the past, essentially the same version (or slightly modified) of the final paper could appear both in the Conference Proceedings and in the selection of papers of the RADECS 2015 Special issue of IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS). This will no longer be the case, starting with the 2015 edition of RADECS. Contrary to previous editions, the same (or close to the same) paper can no longer appear in both places in IEEE Xplore.

The IEEE rules for publication of RADECS 2015 related articles have changed recently.

Starting with this edition of RADECS, the Proceedings version of your work and the article submitted to IEEE TNS can no longer be identical or even similar: a difference of at least 50% is required by IEEE publication rules to authorize the start of the reviewing process. Submitting the same article for both the Proceedings and the IEEE TNS journal will automatically result in the immediate rejection of your work by IEEE TNS editors. (This new rule applies for all IEEE conference and journal publications, not just RADECS and TNS.) We request that you provide a version of your paper in order for the RADECS Conference Proceedings to reflect the full content of the Conference. A dedicated website has been set up, and is ready for the author of all presentations (Oral, Poster and REDW) to upload their pdf file.

Please upload your file before October 9th, 2015 to the following web site
Conference ID: radecs15.

If you wish to submit to both the RADECS Proceedings and the TNS, one possible option is to submit an updated version of the 4-page summary for the RADECS Proceedings, reflecting key results of the work and brief discussion, and the full paper including all results and more extensive analysis and discussion to the TNS. In the event you do not choose to submit to the TNS, a full length paper is welcome for the RADECS Proceedings.

If you wish to take up the option of submitting up to an 8-page paper to the RADECS 2015 issue of IEEE TNS, you will need additionally to submit it directly to TNS via the Journal’s submissions portal at: Please use the “RADECS 2015” article category for this submission. Your paper will be subject to successful completion of a further review process led by IEEE TNS editors. If you intend to submit papers to both the RADECS Proceedings and the IEEE TNS, please upload your RADECS Proceedings paper, clearly marked, as part of the supplementary material, so it can be checked for potential overlap. Note also that the TNS paper should cite the RADECS Proceedings paper and describe how it represents a significant enhancement over that work. The deadline for TNS submission has been extended to Friday, November 6, 2015, to help authors accommodate these recent changes to IEEE publication rules.