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Technical support


If you have any questions about REGISTRATION, ACCOMMODATION, VISA SUPPORT, PARTICIPATION IN THE CULTURAL PROGRAM, please, feel free to refer to our service-agent

International Agency of Congress Management "МАКО".

Project manager – Olga Potapova


Tel.: +7 (499) 705-79-25

Technical support and organization

Galactic Flow Limited Liability Company.

Project manager – Olga Filatova


Tel.: +7 (499) 390-05-88

Contacts of Committee
Conference Chair
Vasily Anashin, URSC – ISDE
Conference Vice-Chair
Ronan Marec, TAS
Technical Chair and Vice-Chair
Dmitry Boychenko, NRNU MEPhI/SPELS
Philippe Paillet, CEA Philippe.PAILLET@CEA.FR
Short Course Chair and Vice-Chair
Alexander Chumakov, NRNU MEPhI/SPELS
Robert Ecoffet, CNES
Industrial Exhibition Chair and Vice-Chair
Irina Tuzhikova, URSC – ISDE
Teresa Farris, Aeroflex
Christian Chatry, TRAD
Local Chair, Secretary
Tatiana Barataeva, URSC – ISDE
Olga Ponourina- Paillet, Galactic Flow llc
Treasurers Chair and Vice-Chair
Zhanna Simonova, URSC – ISDE
Yulia Rybalchenko, URSC – ISDE
Honor and Advisory Chair and Vice-Chair
Kirill Borisov, Roscosmos
Vitaly Telets, NRNU MEPhI
Jean Gasiot, IES
Steve McClure, NASA – JPL
Awards Chair and Vice-Chair
Victor Ulimov, RISI
Christian Poivey, ESA
Web Support Chair and Vice-Chair
Anton Pankov, URSC – ISDE
Ksenia Buldygerova, URSC – ISDE
Guest editor for IEEE TNS
Dan Fleetwood, Vanderbilt University
RADECS Liaison
Michel Labrunee, CNES
NSREC Liaison
Kenneth LaBel, NASA –GSFC

In case of any other questions please write to